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LHDU, in association with David Herrera Performance Company, is launching the Latinx Hispanic Dancers United Conference in San Francisco, California. The pilot conference is slated for Fall 2022.

The first of its kind, the LHDU Conference unifies, centers, and brings Latinx and Hispanic dance artists together from across the United States. The yearly gathering provides a platform and space from which intersectional Latinx/a/o and Hispanic artists can “break bread”, find community, and elevate our collective voices while discussing topics on arts and culture that affect the dance field and our communities. 

It is important for our communities to have a place to come together and celebrate our strengths and capabilities as artists; a place to uplift our contributions to the dance field; a place to examine and challenge ourselves; and a place to find communal power to bring about national solutions and social change in the dance sector for the betterment of our Gente. The Time is Now! El Dia es Hoy!

We'd like to build this gathering as a community. We want to hear from you and learn what you might be looking for in the LHDU Pilot Conference. We ask that you help us on this journey by filling out our Conference Questionnaire by Friday, November 5, 2021. Your input is invaluable! 

If you have any questions, comments, or want to learn how to get involved feel free to email us at

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