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The Tip of My Tongue

March 30 - April 2, 2022
Z Space, San Francisco

Thank You For Joining DHPCo. for a Sold Out Run!

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DHPCo's. anticipated return to the live dance performance, The Tip of My Tongue explores how non-English or mixed-English minority communities in the United States use language and communication practices as tools for cultural visibility, perseverance, and connection to other cultures. The work also challenges the "This is America, Speak English!" mindset held by a dominant English speaking culture set on assimilation and erasure of non-English languages.

Director David Herrera, guest choreographer Antoine Hunter, and the 6 dancers all represent multi-lingual, bi-lingual, minority, and immigrant communities. This includes Latinx, Black, Japanese, Mixed-Race, Indigineous, Immigrant, LGBTQIA+, and Deaf individuals. Associated languages within the artistic team include Spanish, Portuguese, ASL, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanglish, and English. Featuring original musical composition by D. Riley Nicholson.

Extrapolating from their real life experiences and referencing the visible increase of language violence, the team addressed the following questions in creating this new work: 
How do differentiating views come to an understanding when words are taken away and our bodies are the only source of communication? How is language instrumental in self-determination and community building? In the U.S., where and how does language, history, and identity intersect?


Artistic Director: David Herrera

Choreographic Collaborators/Dancers: Katie Florez, Erik Debono,

Olivia Caldeira Holston, Nicole Maimon, Sawako Gannon, Brandon Graham

Guest Choreography by: Antoine Hunter

Light Design: Ray Oppenheimer

Music: D. Riley Nicholson 

Media & Set : Olivia Ting and Annette Janotta

Costumes: Ismael Acosta 

Vocalist: Amy Foote 

Other Choreographic collaborators: Vincent Chavez & Samuel Melecio-Zambrano

$30 General
$50 Supporter  
$75 VIP Patron of the Arts 


$18 Financial hardship and artist discount

please email us at for code

The Tip of My Tongue was partially funded by:

Zellerbach Family Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission,

Kenneth Rainin Foundation, and CA$H Grant

Supported by: Dancers' Group and Z Space


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Photo: Lara Kaur

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