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Latinx Hispanic Dancers United /

Latinx Hispanx Danza Unidos 

Latinx Hispanic Dancers United (LHDU) is an intersectional culturally centered caucus, community, and network comprised of national working Latinx and Hispanic dance artists, educators, administrators, dance writers, presenters, and teachers.  



Through LHDU, we form coalition and plug into a national  network and framework to discuss and explore topics affecting artists of color, in particular Latinx and Hispanic artists.  LHDU also provides a resource pipeline through our existing members which gives artistic support and help uplift our communities. Collaborations, resource exchange, political power, equity, building community, "pay it forward",  and "share it sideways" is encouraged and espoused. Through this initiative Latinx and Hispanic dance  artists claim a much needed collective cultural space and unify their voices to engage the national dance field.  


LHDU current projects include creating the national register and directory of Latinx and Hispanic dance artists and presenting venues, creating the annual LHDU Conference, developing touring opportunities (including a showcase tour), championing cross country collaborations between artists, building a national Latinx and Hispanic dance artist archive, and bringing visibility to local contributors in regional dance ecosystems.    


 LHDU began as an initiative of choreographer David Herrera and David Herrera Performance Company in San Francisco, CA.  The LHDU/SF Chapter boasts 30 members, while national membership includes artists from across the country including in Los Angeles, Seattle, Arizona, Washington D.C. tri-state, Chicago, NYC, Florida, Puerto Rico, and more (see LHDU Members page).


LHDU welcomes all self-identified and intersectional Latinx and Hispanic dance artists and affiliates from across dance genres and who reside or work in greater United States.  If you would like to get involved please send your inquiry to

Have an upcoming event, performance, workshop, audition, speaking engagement, do you have a position or job posting that you would like for us to include in our monthly national newsletter?  Fill out the form to be included.  A free service of LHDU. 

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