Mentorship & Networking Program

LatinXtensions is the only comprehensive culturally centered mentorship and networking program in the United States. The 12-month program advises emerging Latinx and Hispanic dance artists in developing their professional artistic practice. Capacity building focuses on non-profit management skills, producing, grant writing practice, equity best practices, engaging diverse communities, fostering intrarelationships with cohort and guest speakers, coalition building, artistic excellence, and long-term career goals.   Participants will exchange ideas, collectively troubleshoot production and administrative problems, and develop ways to create and support each other as a community. 

The program's second focus creates a network with other regional and national Latinx artists;  thus developing a rich and thriving community support system of dance artists, presenters, curators, and collaborators. Other established Latinx , POC, and LGBTQ professional dance artists serve as guest speakers throughout the year, expanding the knowledge base and network of participants.

Requirements / Who is Eligible:

The program is open to any emerging self-identifying Latinx or Hispanic dance artist with under 5 years of self or organizational production experience and/or under 4 years of professional dance experience.  


The program is not currently open to graduate, undergraduate, or high school students currently enrolled in a degree program, nor Ph.D or doctoral candidates, regardless of whether the field of study is related to artistic work.  

The 2021 cycle has now closed.  2022 cycle applications open Fall 2021. 


~ LatinXtensions National Coming Soon! ~

2021 Cohort

Isabella Limosnero, Angelica Velez, Alexandra Rosen, Westyn Narváez, Valerie Mendez, Vincent Chavez

2019 - 2020 Cohort

Jocelyn Reyes, Nico Maimon, Jesse Escalante, Marlene Garcia

Jesse Escalante, "My experience has been a very educational and informative one. I am extremely proud of being a part of it and feel the experience has developed me further as an artist. I would highly recommend this program to other individuals... Overall, I’d say what changed the most was my own personal interest in my art and my plans for it...I have realized the beauty in devoting a large amount of time to a dance pice in order to do proper research and develop it. It helped me understand there is no rush in needing to create work and the beauty in developing one piece of work for several years. This program changed the way I viewed networking and how to reach out into local communities to further support your show."


Jocelyn Reyes, "I have really enjoyed LatinXtensions and would recommend it to others. It’s been so nice to connect with other Latin American artists and receive mentorship from David. It’s been so helpful to hear from David and other guest artists about their experiences with presenting work (grant writing, managing rehearsals, fundraising, marketing, networking, touring). I learned so much and look forward to implementing this information in my future endeavors. Watching shows [together] has been very informative in how I approach my work. It’s been neat to see what elements of a performance read across audience members...and what does not. Our post show discussions have been very fruitful in this way. Last but not least, I’ve enjoyed connecting with my peers - other artists who are also up and coming choreographers/dancers."