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September 7-9, 2023



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Celebrating 16 years of dance, and voted "Best Dance Company - Runner-Up 2022" by the Best of The Bay, David Herrera Performance Company prides itself in providing visibility and celebrating a diverse Latinx experience within an American context. Rich in theatricality and immersed in nuanced, visceral movement, the company makes its statement by weaving dance, story-telling, music, and media into a textured conversation between Latinx cultures and a multicultural U.S. society.   DHPCo. is one of few predominantly Latinx focused modern dance companies in the United States.  In addition to performances, DHPCo. has multiple regional and national community impact programs that enrich and sustain Latinx artists in the dance field. These include LatinXtensions, our 12-month mentorship program for emerging artists; Latinx Hispanic Dancers United, a national exchange pipeline for working professional artists; and Moving Forward Together, our touring national panel that bring regional artist together and plugs them into the national discourse.  


The word òrale is considered slang in the Spanish language, most commonly used by Mexican and Mexican adjacent communities.  This "slang" however has become part of the daily vernacular for many Spanish and Spanglish speaking Chicano, Latinx/e, and Hispanic communities.  The word itself can mean a multiple of things depending on the use and context.  "Òrale!" can express excitement, agreement, affirmation. It can signify concern and distress. It can even serve as confrontation or challenge.  In short, I propose that "òrale" is as intersectional in its meaning as the communities who speak it are in their identities. And because the word only takes shape within the context used, it is uniquely magical and other-wordly.  Keeping this in mind, it is this multilayered context that tonight's experience of ÒRALE! is presented, floating and anchored in the transcendent magic that is "Latinidad" as experienced by the director, El Vez, the guest choreographers,  cast members, and design elements.


Tonight is a celebration of the Latinx/e/a/o community coming together. And like most communities we are perfect and imperfect.  We have nuance, quirks, complexity, and layers. We share but are also different.  As a Director it is exciting and challenging to bring this aspect of my Latinx/e communities into the performance space as we are not often given the opportunity, so we made our own, and so tonight is told through our point of view without apologies.  We hope you have fun, but also hope you walk away with a new appreciation for what a Latinx community and dance celebration can feel like. If you listen carefully and look closely, past the flash of tonight's presentation, Órale will also reveal truths that are often our daily realities.  Join us in this rambunctious but real journey.  


Órale welcome to the FAMILIA!

-David Herrera, Artistic Director


Co-presented by Z Space

Director: David Herrera

Live Music:  El VEZ and the Memphis Mariachis


David Herrera (San Francisco)

Alfonso Cervera (Columbus, Ohio)

Eric Garcia (San Francisco)

Stephanie Martinez (Chicago)

Gabriel Mata (Washington D.C.)

Yvonne Montoya (Tucson)

Dancers/Choreographic Collaborators:

Nico Maimon, Edgar Aguirre, Bianca Cabrera, Fabiana Santiago, Emily Hansel,

Brooke Terry, Madi McGain, Valerie Mendez, Angel Velez, and Juan Ruiz

Contributing collaborators: Katie Florez and Maya Diaz-Vallalta

El Vez: Robert Lopez

Lovely El Vette (back-up vocals): Crissy Guerrero

Memphis Mariachis: Pat & Lety Beers, Declan Halloran, Ashley Ryu


Rehearsal Director:  Leesha Zieber

Assistant Rehearsal Director: Yayoi Kambara

Light Design: Ray Oppenheimer

Associate Light Design: Victoria Langlands

Scenic Design: Rogelio Lopez

Costumes Design: Ismael Acosta

Sound Design: Michael Creason

Sound Mixing Engineer: Dan Hall

Electricians: Wolfie Lewandowski and Charlie Mejia

Poster Design: Olivia Ting

Videography: Loren Robertson Productions

ASL Interpretation (Sept 8): Norma Sanchez & Juan Ramirez


Director: David Herrera

Administrative Assistant: Andréa Spearman

Fiscally Sponsored: Dancers Group



All Songs by El Vez & the Memphis Mariachis

Prelude "Órale" 

El Vez & the Memphis Mariachis


David Herrera


Immigration Time

Co-Choreography: David Herrera and cast

Dancers: Bianca Cabrera, Emily Hansel, Nico Maimon,

Madi McGain, Valerie Mendez, Brooke Terry


Choreography: Gabriel Mata

Dancers: Edgar Aguirre, Brooke Terry

Mystery Tren and En El Barrio

Choreography: Eric Garcia

"Mario Chi" : Nico Maimon

Dancers: Bianca Cabrera, Emily Hansel, Nico Maimon, 

Madi McGain, Brooke Terry, Valerie Mendez

Ave Maria

Choreography: Stephanie Martinez

Dancers: Edgar Aguirre, Emily Hansel, Fabiana Santiago

Cuauhtemoc Walk

Choreography: Yvonne Montoya

Dancers/co-choreography: Bianca Cabrera, Nico Maimon, Fabiana Santiago, Angel Velez


Huaraches Azules

EL Vez & the Memphis Mariachis

Black Magic Woman

Co-Choreography: David Herrera and cast

Dancers: Bianca Cabrera, Nico Maimon, Valerie Mendez, Fabiana Santiago, Angel Velez

Walk A Mile

Co-Choreography: David Herrera and cast

Dancers: Madi McGain, Valerie Mendez, Brooke Terry

Taking Care of Business

Choreography: Gabriel Mata

Dancers: Edgar Aguirre, Bianca Cabrera, Emily Hansel, 

Nico Maimon, Valerie Mendez, Brooke Terry

Soy Un Pocho

Choreography: Yvonne Montoya

Dancers: Bianca Cabrera, Nico Maimon, Fabiana Santiago, Angel Velez

Samba Para Elvis

Choreography: Alfonso Cervera

Dancers: Edgar Aguirre, Juan L. Ruiz

Viva La Raza

Choreography: Yvonne Montoya

Dancers: Bianca Cabrera, Nico Maimon, Fabiana Santiago, Angel Velez

Post Show 

El Vez & the Memphis Mariachis



About Z SPACE , Co-Presenter

Z SPACE is a non-profit theater company located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. They produce their own works, foster and subsidize the development of other creative artists with our Subspace program, and curate rentals to a wide variety of performing arts organizations. Operating out of an old factory space, they now activate two performance venues, an 83-seat black box (Z Below) and a 236-seat main stage (The Steindler Stage), with a warehouse aesthetic and an adventurous edge. Z Space is also home to Word for Word, their resident theater company that brings works of fiction to the stage in their own unique style. 

2023 is Z Space’s 30th birthday. In addition to a fabulous space-theme party on November 16th, Word for Word will produce Citizen by Greg Sarris this fall, and their performing schedule includes such noteworthy artistic companies as Fresh Meat Productions, Thrillride Mechanics, Sharp & Fine Dance, Oakland Theater Project, Opera Parallèle, Kitka Vocal Ensemble, Weathervane Productions, Sean Dorsey Dance, 3Girls Theatre, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, David Herrera Performance Co. and many more. 

ÒRALE! was partially funded by:

California Arts Council

Zellerbach Family Foundation
San Francisco Arts Commission

Kenneth Rainin Foundation

Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation
Erna and Laura Clifford Charitable Fund


Supported by: Dancers Group, Z Space, and Dance Mission Theater

DHPCo. Recognizes the Following Financial Donors: 

Jim Wright

Mac Caplan

Janet Maslow

Jackie Wright

Special Thanks:

DHPCo. would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the entire staff and crew at Z Space who went above and beyond in helping DHPCo. brings this new work to life.  Thank you Shafer, Nikki, Colm, Andrew,  Dan and Neil.  We couldn't have been able to make Òrale without your partnership and support.  

We also would like to sincerely thank Krissy Keefer and Dance Mission Theater  for their generous assistance with rehearsal studios

To RAWdance for the use of their birdcages and overall support.


A heartfelt thank you to Jackie Wright, our PR representative who showed us what a great PR person can do when they understand the nuance of culturally centered art. 

Appreciation for the Loren Robertson Productions video archiving crew for capturing this event. 

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El Vez
(Robert Lopez)


Rehearsal Directors

Design Team